Trend Watch: Blush Pink and Mustard

05 November 2016

One of the most popular colours in interiors at the moment has to be blush pink. We all know that pink can be polarising in terms of opinion (I would happily cover a whole room in it while my other half would much prefer it kept to very small accents, if it makes an appearance at all). However, one of the most important things about how you view a colour is what it is placed upon or near. Other colours have a way of toning down a pink shade or highlighting it, dropping it into the background or bring it front and centre.

One colour I am seeing it combined with lately is another favourite hue of the year, mustard yellow. For anyone with their eye on interior trends, this is really not that surprising considering that Pantone chose a pink as one of their 'Colours of the Year' and Dulux chose a mustard yellow for theirs. This, along with the infiltration of gold and brass as the metals of the moment, means that blush pink and mustard are certainly on trend for 2016.

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